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Say Hy to Hydrogen.
Say Hy to Westfalen.

Hydrogen is the energy source of the future.
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We are experts in gases, heating and cooling, and sustainable mobility.

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Respiratory home therapy.

With respiratory home therapy, we contribute to improving the quality of life for many people every day. This includes innovative device technologies and services in the areas of oxygen, sleep and respiratory therapy.

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Hydrogen: energy carrier of the future.

Say Hy to Hydrogen. Say Hy to Westfalen. We offer hydrogen to the highest quality standards and solutions customized to your needs. Take advantage of our expertise in the climate-friendly energy carrier for the path to a clean future!

Hydrogen for the energy transition

We are future makers.

The steed in our logo is also a symbol of our vision. Because we keep on jumping. We want to make the future possible. For our customers. For our business partners. For our employees. And for our company.


100 years Westfalen.

With 100 years of experience, we are characterized by curiosity and a spirit of innovation. Our vision of the future drives us to continuously set new standards and offer our customers sustainable solutions. On the road to excellence for a century: Our history and what drives us today.



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Westfalen Group switches to Bio-LNG

For more climate-friendly heavy goods transport: the Westfalen Group relies on CO2-neutral Bio-LNG (liquefied biogas) for its mobility customers in the freight forwarding and logistics sector.

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Westfalen starts up filling plant for technical gases in northern Germany

After less than a year of construction, a new Westfalen Group bottling plant just outside Hamburg has gone into operation.

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This is what we stand for:

100 years of responsibility.

As an independent family business, we have always thought in terms of generations - and see it as our responsibility to make a sustainable contribution to society. Accordingly, we are involved in a wide range of areas. It is not without reason that we are proud of our 100-year history.

Experts and solution providers.

We are experts in gases, heating and cooling, and sustainable mobility. For 100 years now, we have been taking care of our customers' needs and ensuring the safe use of gaseous and liquid substances.

We embrace and thrive on change.

Innovative with tradition: Thanks to many years of expertise combined with an exploratory curiosity and a strong dose of entrepreneurship, we develop solutions for current and future needs of our customers.

We make progress sustainable.

As a company, we aim to remain future-ready, not only for our employees but also for our customers, whom we assist in achieving sustainability through our products and solutions. We are transforming business models with a high carbon footprint into ecologically and economically sustainable ones while complementing them with new, innovative business areas.